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    Tom Fay

    Loyalty is so important to me. My reputation as a REALTOR® is built on the sense of loyalty I have for my clients. I will diligently work through any and all issues to ensure my clients have the best experience possible because I believe in being loyal to those who I have the privilege to assist. It’s because I love helping people and providing them with an excellent experience. Interacting with my clients – and people in general really – is what drives me as a REALTOR®, and hopefully I can bring that experience to you as I help you find the best deal.

    I’m a stickler for details and managing deadlines, something I learned from my time as a postmaster and doing corporate tax accounting. They also enhanced my sense of loyalty thanks to the nature of the work. No matter where I find myself, I give my all for the people I want to help.

    This sense of loyalty to the human condition extends to what I do when I’m not at work as well. I like to give back to common causes, volunteering wherever I see a great need in my community. I also love watching Army football games and rooting for them to win, especially in the Army/Navy game. I guess my loyalty extends to sports teams as well!

    Previously, I lived in New York until 2018, when I moved to Arizona. Now I love living in this city thanks to the lifestyle and weather, which both agree with me. And I think they could agree with you too. If I know one thing, it’s that being the first in my family to buy a house filled me with an immense amount of pride. I hope that I can instill that same feeling in you.

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    Tom Fay
    Long Realty - The Vallee Gold Team
    1890 East River Road
    Tucson, AZ 85718

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