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Bringing Outdoor Living Spaces Indoors

Bringing Outdoor Living Spaces Indoors

There is a natural draw for people to bring the great outdoors into their beautiful, climate-controlled home. The growing trend in interior design for Tucson real estate calls for unifying outdoor spaces inside. The design with this trend is to include a lot of windows allowing natural light into your home. Windows also give you scenic views of your environment and can provide great entertainment.


Tucson real estate is a prime area to embrace this interior design. These are some ideas you’ll find creative for bringing outdoor living spaces into your home.

Window Treatments Can Frame the Background

Long curtains can be hung slightly over your trim and extend all the way to the floor. This look softens your room and can even add a hint of romanticism. The curtains will draw the eye to the window and on to the scenery beyond. With the framing of your great outdoor Tucson real estate, you turn your backyard into a work of art.
Plantation-style shutters work well for this effect as well. When you have shutters with large louvers, they will allow more light to come in. You can also use shades that can be drawn open on beautiful days to optimize your view.

Build an Outdoor Room

You can create the perception of an outdoor area inside when you extend your ceiling from inside to outside. Tucson real estate allows for a lot of good outside weather. Having a covered porch can extend your enjoyment outside, out of the hot sun, when your roof provides you a covered porch.

Having a covered porch will expand your usage options much more than having an open patio. With a covered porch you can place cozy overstuffed seating and even an outdoor flat-screen TV on the porch. Tucson real estate is located in a beautiful climate where outdoor times can be easily extended.

Interior Design Themes Can Mirror the Outdoors

Tucson real estate is without a doubt incredibly beautiful, and you can enhance this beauty by mirroring your indoor design outdoors. If you have a color story or design them inside your home, it can be mirrored outside. Building this theme into your outdoor space can create a connection from the outside to your inside. This connection or flow from your indoor story color to your outdoor one, you won’t have a clash of design perspective or color when you look out your windows.

Bring Outdoor Elements into Your Inside

Tucson real estate has interesting outside elements you can incorporate into your indoor design theme. You can bring in live plants, or bring the outdoors in with hardwood flooring, or rustic-looking wood walls. Another great feature that will connect your outside with your inside is a stone fireplace.
Tucson real estate has some great opportunities for artists to express themselves and capture the beauty of the land. When you add some of these artist’s pieces to your decor it creates character and warmth to your interior design. Choose pieces that reflect the view out your windows and flow with your color story, and you’ll have a great blend of the indoors with your outdoors.

Where to Find Homes that Blend Outdoor Elements with Indoor Interiors

Tucson real estate is handled by some of the best in the industry. Vallee Gold Team brings you a team of experts who are experienced not only in Tucson real estate, but Southern Arizona real estate. We have the knowledge to find you the home of your dreams, or to help when it’s time to sell your existing property.

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