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Sellers Use In- Home Cameras To Watch Prospective Buyers!

In-home Cameras and security systems allow home sellers to watch prospective buyers during an open house or showing.

The new technology allows in-home cameras to be hidden in places like USB wall adapters, children’s toys, mini clocks, et…

More and more cameras are in many homes that we are showing to prospective buyers. It is legal to use a nanny cam in all 50 states. Many states have laws that require the disclosure of a video recording and/or audio recording. This is a new issue, new to listing brokers, new to selling brokers.

Arizona Law On Video or Audio Recordings

Arizona requires one party to provide consent to be recorded.

It is unlawful to photograph, videotape, film, digitally record or secretly view another person in situations that person has a reasonable expectation of privacy without consent unless the surveillance is for security purposes and notice is posted.

We recommend buyers going through an open house or a showing to be aware that there maybe in-home cameras set up, be very mindful of your movements and facial expressions, there may be audio turned on. So reserve your comments. See surveillance law.

It is important to know the legal boundaries of using a video or audo recording.

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